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Information on the use of Dominiando's logo.

The logos displayed on this page are exclusive property of Dominiando Srl.

Only full reproduction is possible and only if Dominiando Srl has already been previously notified by e-mail and has authorized the publication.

It is mandatory for those who reproduce the logs to indicate the site referencing

Dominiando logo download

'D' logo + 'Dominiando' logotype (vector) 'D' logo (white background) 'D' logo (transparent background) 'Dominiando' logotype (white background)
Type of file Vector Bitmap Bitmap Bitmap
File extension PSD PNG PNG PNG
Dimensions (pixel) 500x500 120x114 120x114 367x45

Guidelines for using the logo:

  • Always use the logo with a white background
  • If you need to resize the logo, always start from the vector version
  • Do not alter the logo colors
  • The green in the logo must have hexadecimal value: #8cc63f or RGB value: 140, 198, 63
  • The "D" in Dominiando is black

Dominiando's latest news

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